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NOTE: The List Archives are now fully searchable. But - we don't have that many threads there yet...! Please help us out: participate in Project Archive.

Give Back to the Community:
Help us with Project Archive

The Wise-Women mailing lists are not automatically archived. However there is a lot of useful information contained in the exchanges that we may want to refer to later.

Project Archive is an effort to deal with the privacy issue while still producing a useful and easy to look up archive of information culled from the messages.

Here is how to give back to the list:

  1. When you post a question to the group, please save your original question and answers locally on your computer.
  2. Send the replies to archives@wise-women.org as a single plain text file.
  3. Please only save one topic or message thread per file. Do not combine different message topics in a single text file.

That's it! If many people participate, the faster we can build up a treasure trove of information.

If you'd like to help out even more, you can edit the messages so that they follow the format shown in the message threads already archived. Click here to see a sample.

Protecting your privacy

All archive files are edited to eliminate any personal information. Personal information is defined as follows:

  1. Email address and name of poster: This will be edited out and replaced by the appropriate "Q" "A" or other such symbol to indicate whether it's a question or an answer.
  2. Any specific companies mentioned that are job-related, such as client names.
  3. Any specific person names unless mentioned in a general context. Example:
    "There is this great article written by Bill Gates. The URL is ...... " is ok
    "I'm suing Bill Gates because....." is not ok. In the last case we'd delete the sentence out completely or edit it so it reads like: "I'm suing [someone] because..."

Nevertheless, if you wish to never have any messages that you post on the lists archived even in edited form, please email us stating this fact and we'll delete any message sent by you.

The most people participate, the faster we can build up a collection of valuable information.




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