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Recommendations for Video Editors

Hi All,

I have a client that wants to edit mpeg videos. I know about Adobe's program, can anyone recommend another one that is user friendly?

Does anyone have a favorite site for info on videos that is updated? I have come across many that are two years out of date...

Cheers and thanks


Premiere is not really that bad. I learned it in school and it was pretty user friendly and Adobe has those great Classroom in a Book series. Plus it gives you many different extra options that other programs don't have like compression issues. I used to know some other names of other software but unfortunately it's been a while since I took the class.

[Editor's note: This message is from one of our members who is a professional video editor.] Here's a good source for digital video info...

www.dv.com (aimed at pro/semi-pro level users)


www.videomaker.com (aimed at beginners-to semi-pros)

Be warned - these are both sites for print magazines - but they're very up-to-date as to what is available.

Also, the DV magazine subscription can be had for free if you register under a company name. I highly recommend it.

Adobe Premiere has the best user-friendliness/user power ratio I've seen thus far (I use v.5.1a, as my 9600's early ['97] FireWire card doesn't play well with v6 and QuickTime 5, and I haven't been able to justify spending the cash for a newer card. But v6 runs fine on my G3 laptop with a PCMCIA FireWire adapter card.)

There are other video editing solutions available (iMovie for the Mac and ULead's Video Studio for Windows) that are easier to master initially, but are lacking in advanced editing features.

I have just gotten to try out Final Cut Pro 2 for the Mac, so I don't feel I can give an accurate assessment on it just yet...

I played with the Ulead's version. I love their graphic editor PhotoImpact, but I wasn't too impressed with the video editor, however.

MGI (now Roxio) VideoWave works pretty good and is usually less than $100. This is for Windows only.

I did have a Pinnacle System (which in most cases include capture hardware). However, I did have some problems with the version I used (which is a few years old and no longer supported--for some unknown reason you had to change the printer setting in bios--even though you didn't print from that program--which then screwed up my printing). But the editor worked well. YMMV. http://www.pinnaclesys.com/ Hopefully they've improved things. I used it on Windows...I'm not sure if they have a Mac version. Prices usually range $100 on up depending if there is hardware included.