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PDA Application Development Resources

Hi, all-- Do any of you have links or resources you'd recommend for developing apps for pda's (specifically, for the palm platform)? We'll be developing something so basic, it's a pity we can't use .html--a text menu linking to other text menus, linking to text information. My understanding is that that .html isn't universally supported on the palm platform yet, as it requires users to have the AvantGo plug-in installed. Any links or software recommendations would be greatly appreciated--I'm on a fact-finding mission at this point.

We were about to get involved in a project (on hold for now) for pda--coding interactions. I collected a number of resources. Here they are in no particular order. Hope they help.


Can you author training content for wireless devices such as Palm and Windows CE handhelds and SmartPhones?

Yes, says Mike Farley ( mfarley1@columbus.rr.com ) in response to that reader question.

Farley is a Dublin, Ohio, design specialist who just left Lucent Technologies Inc.

He sees handheld devices and telephones "as mechanisms for delivering real-time human-performance support to users" on the job.

You can author for handhelds with a text editor or you can get a specialized tool.


Nokia Corp.'s WAP Toolkit 2.1, OpenWave Systems Inc.'s OpenWave SDK and Macromedia Inc.'s Nokia WML Studio, a Dreamweaver extension, are all free.

Wireless markup language, or WML, is an XML language that creates content for wireless application protocol, or WAP.


Graphic layouts for small screens

There are several web sites you can check out:
You can also download this white paper from Microsoft:

Some basic rules when designing for the PPC platform:

1) The screen size is roughly 230x250 (having no scroll bars)
2) Some devices can only display 12-bit color while others can display 16-bit color, so you'll have to watch gradient banding.
3) There are HTML limitations that are covered in the Microsoft white paper that you should note.


Some Development Tools

PenDragon Forms http://store.yahoo.com/register5/pendragonforms.html
Pendragon Forms 3.1 allows you to build high powered, full featured data collection systems for Palm OS devices in minutes.
Easy to use form generator for PALM OS
Supports scanner in Symbol SPT1500 & 1700
Creates a Microsoft Access database table to store data
Scalable to support multiple users

PenRight ModileBuilder ($1,499)
Only PenRight!'s MobileBuilder 2.0 delivers the industry's first complete Mobile Application Development tool specifically designed to quickly create, powerful, world class, cross-platform, custom enterprise applications for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Win32, Win16 and MS-DOS pen-based mobile handhelds—all from a single application design.
Graphical form designer
Open/flexible C based code editor
Handwriting recognition engine, signature capture
350+ high level APIs and verbs for mobile handhelds

PUMATECH-Satellite Forms
Create PALM OS applications with "drag-and-drop" ease
Add substantial functionality without programming
Integrate with corporate data via ActiveX control
Add calculations, validation, conditional logic, looping & sound
Supports laser scanner in Symbol terminals
Absolutely the best package we have seen
Incredibly easy to use
Dowload a FREE demonstration copy of Satellite Forms. Click here now.
MSRP: $795.00TruePrice: Version: StandardEnterprise (+$195.00)


Free development tools to download.


Check link to start developing with resources for new develpers: technical documentation, help with installing the tools, guidance for getting started, and pointers to further resources.




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