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Medical Insurance for Self-Employed Web Designers

Hi, everyone,

Any good medical insurance programs out there for self-employed web designers? I know I've seen mention of this in the past but I don't remember where or what.

The Graphic Artists Guild offers a group plan to members. http://www.gag.org/

I don't know specifics, but I know the AIP offers all types of insurance for their members (and other benefits, discounts, etc.) , and membership is fairly inexpensive.


I've been with CIGNA & AAQHC for medical and dental insurance since 1996 when I first went freelance. They're for any individuals in California, not just for designers, and [we] have been very happy with the doctors and hospitals that work with them.


They ain't cheap, but then again, no medical insurance worth having is.

Whatever you do, buyer beware:

Insured? Not Really

MIAMI, Florida, June 4, 2002

(CBS) -- A growing number of Americans are being scammed by fly-by-night insurance companies, and many times the victims don't find out they've been had until they need insurance the most, reports CBS News Correspondent Bobbi Harley.

Richard Baer never thought he'd be rich, nor did the sixty-year-old small business owner think he'd be in debt, big debt, owing more than $50,000 in medical bills.

"My life has definitely changed ... this has been a tough year" said Baer, whose insurance company, Indiana-based T.R.G., should have covered his bills but instead it sold him a bogus insurance policy.

"This is one of the biggest insurance swindles of the last 10 years," said James Quiggle of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. "These phony plans are operating in all fifty states, leaving untold thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent business owners and consumers bilked out of insurance premiums and have been sold insurance that doesn't exist."





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