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CSS and Line Breaks


Hi my wiser colleagues - Does anyone know -- is there a way to specify a linebreak using CSS and not a <br>?

In all of the web sites that use CSS for positioning, rather than tables, and have a sidebar, you find the sidebar at the bottom (hopefully) all stacked up as if it were still a sidebar.

My goal is to have, in CSS enabled browsers, a non-tabled sidebar, and in earlier browsers, a line of links. I don't care how it aligns, I just don't want a vertical line of lines. Is there a hack? Can anyone help?

I am not sure what your asking in the last two paragraphs. To have a BR in CSS is to use a < .div> which is a block level element and <.span> is an inline element. Don't mean to confuse you, but block level defines divisions like multiple Paragraphs. Span is simple it allows you to change a word or something in a sentence without a br. Could this be what you're looking for?

<style type="text/css">
.menu span {display: block;}


<div class="menu">
    <span><a href="menu1.html">Menu1</a></span>
    <span><a href="menu2.html">Menu2</a></span>
    <span><a href="menu3.html">Menu3</a></span>
    <span><a href="menu4.html">Menu4</a></span>

Thank you! [someone], that was totally the answer, thank you so much! And [someone else], sorry I wasn't more clear -- this wasn't a question about blocklevel elements. I've posted a mockup of this tableless layout at
http://www.wise-women.org/resources/listarchives/css03/mytest.html, including [someone's] CSS.

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