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Getting Content from Clients

does it ever happen when you're working with a client that they are slow about getting back to you and you can't proceed without their input? i was giong to hear about some documents tomorrow and the conversation was pushed forward to friday. not wanting to offend, but to go on the record saying: dudes, why is this taking so long?

I'd flip the question:
"Does it ever happen that clients are actually timely about turnarounds?"!!!!!

(This is why today I'm finally having time -- too much of it -- to read emails.)

I even started building into my proposal an incentive to finishing on schedule: I state that if the completed site is approved on [date] the final payment will be reduced by 10%. Hasn't seemed to work too well...

What does sometimes work is reminding them that if we get seriously behind schedule due to their dithering, their project may receive lower priority than subsequent projects.

Don't despair,

I just closed a file last week that I had opened in April 2000. The client never even gave the ok on the initial design...

I've often said that 95% of the time we spend on projects is spent waiting for client input, with the other 5% actually spent on design work.

You may find it helpful to state that a project on hold for more than five business days will be removed from the production schedule, or more than ten days, cancelled, with all outstanding fees and expenses invoiced and due for payment upon receipt of invoice. Also state that projects on indefinite hold will be removed from the production schedule and that you will not be able to guarantee completion of the project. You could also throw in something about rush situations caused by client dithering billable at double or triple or quadruple your normal hourly rate.

Regardless of what you say, you'll probably still end up waiting. But at least you'll have a way to invoice projects before completion.

>I'd flip the question:
>"Does it ever happen that clients are actually timely
>about turnarounds?"!!!!!

LOL!!! [You] hit it right on the head here...I find I spend a lot of time reminding people of dates, times, etc. I now put it in my palm so that I remember to remind them-I will especially watch clients that have been late in the past and know when to bug them. I always remind them in the email that if they want something done by a particular date I need their cooperation in order to do it-we don't work alone ;)

The way I've handled this is in my contract, my clients have 6 weeks to get me 100% of the content. If they haven't, whether the site is finished or not, the balance on the site is due. They are then put at the "back of the list" in my schedule. I tell them this up front and tell them don't sign the contract unless they are pretty much ready to proceed and feel they can get their stuff to me inside of the window of time.

I don't even give them this much time....my language go something like this:

50% deposit to even begin thinking about it.... *g* design completed within 30 days with whatever I have to work with...if they are missing stuff, there are "hold spots" 50% balance due at 30 days second 30 days to make any further additions, changes, etc free of charge after the second 30 days, any changes are charged at my contract hourly billing rate

it's really a great motivator.... they sign the contract and in 60 days are on the clock.... try it...it works....




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