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Section 508 Accessibility

To any users of Dreamweaver or Ultradev, there is a new extension available from UsableNet in the Macromedia Exchange in the form of the 508 Accessibility Suite. It is an evaluation tool which covers section 508 and level 1 W3C guidelines. A full story can be seen here


[Editor's Note: The preceding link is now broken. Info about the extension is available here: http://www.usablenet.com/lift_dw/lift_dw.html.]

your msg came at the right moment

i use DW and work for a community college

we have to comply with section 508 and i have been

downloaded bobby

now on to this

For anyone who needs more info on 508, here's a list of web sites someone else gathered for me. Some is directly 508 stuff, others more general.

Federal IT Accessibility Initiative

Free and Evaluation Software and Hardware

Usability.gov - Provided by the NCI: National Cancer Institute

McClure, C. R. 1999, March. Performance Measures for Federal Websites.

McClure, C. R., Wyman, S. K., and Beachboard, J. C. 1997. Quality Criteria for Evaluating Information Resources and Services Available from Federal Web Sites. http://www.oclc.org/research/ Assessing US federal government Websites

Comprehensive portal for government info

Excerpts from "Assessing US federal government Websites"

Federal government customer service http://www.customerservice.gov/access.htmwhich includes a history of government initiatives to better disseminate gov information on the web, such as "In December 1999, Federal agencies were directed to simplify and standardize online government services. The memorandum includes guidance to ensure government information is organized by type of service, instead of by agency."

World Wide Web Federal Consortium. 1996, November. World Wide Web Home Page: Guidelines and Best Practices.

Darrell M. West, Brown University, Assessing E-Government: The Internet, Democracy, and Service Delivery by State and Federal Governments

FedBuzz offers a new type of federal information on demand -- without the bureaucratic spin or departmental agenda.

How to Effectively Locate Federal Government Information on the World Wide Web




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