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Javascript Programmer's Reference

Review by Susan Plaumann

Javascript Programmer's Reference (Programmer to Programmer)

Author(s): Cliff Wootton
Publisher and date of publication: Wrox Press Inc, 2001

Audience: Intermediate and Advanced

Recommendation: 9
(on a scale of 1 to 10)


Cliff Wootton's book, JavaScript Programmer's Reference, is packed with hundreds of notes and examples concerning almost anything you might need when using this language in depth.

The book isn't geared towards beginners in need of tutorials but for those who practice JavaScript in their daily work tasks and need a companion to look up details. It includes core ECMAScript, JavaScript and JScript language features and covers the DOM levels 1 and 2. The data about the availability of functions and objects breaks down into browsers (Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 6, Opera 5), DOM and HTML specification for each property, method and event handler. Additional notes inform about possible pitfalls. It also includes interesting background information as well as general language data concerning standards and definitions.

The information has been set up alphabetically with an additional cross reference by entry type. Information available in the book as well as on the accompanying CD is marked accordingly.


The best thing that comes with this book is the CD that includes the complete reference in HTML and PDF format. The CD comes in handy especially for quick navigation of cross-references or information on listed properties or event handlers. All of them have been hyperlinked, which makes the CD invaluable.


Taking the volume weight (almost 3 lbs.) into consideration you will probably keep the book at home for a quick written reference. It's just too heavy to drag around and would be even heavier if Wrox had decided to compile all entries of the reference database into it. The book sure covers the most important details (appr. 40% of the database entries), if you want to have access to everything you will definitely need to rely on the CD.


"Javascript Programmer's Reference" is a very valuable companion for any JavaScript task that goes beyond the usual image rollovers. The best reason to buy it is the electronic version on CD, which you can take with you whereever you need it.


Copyright 2002, Susan Plaumann, All Rights Reserved

Photo of Susan

Susan Plaumann is currently working as an Assistant Director to the CEO at Pixelpark AG, Berlin, Germany, being responsible for Human Resources and Facility Management as well as overseeing long-term vocational training. Before this she worked many years as an IT project manager, technical writer and trainer. Susan has a background in Business Administration as well as extensive experience in teaching, supporting and writing for computer users, the last ten years of which have almost exclusively been on web-related topics.




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