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Web Site Statistics: How, Why and What to Count

by Makiko Itoh

There are many reasons to count the number of visitors to your web site. Perhaps you want to sell banner ads to generate some revenue. Or maybe you need to know if your search engine submissions have taken effect. Or maybe you're simply curious to see who's looking at your work! Here is an overview of the different ways of counting visitors to your site, and what trails they leave behind. Read on...


Sign 'em Up with an MOU

by Wendy Peck

Successful web designer Wendy Peck explains how to use MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) to separate the serious clients from the window-shoppers.

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Graphics Formats

.gif, .jpg, .swf, .png, .eps - are you confused by all those suffixes you see on graphics files? Well wonder no more, because here at last your one-stop shop for easy to understand explanations of what each format is, how they are used on the web or otherwise relate to you as a web designer, which format is best for which purpose - and why.

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