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Gini Decooman, Eye for Beauty

URL: http://www.eyeforbeauty.com

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Equipment: Pentium II/96/2G HD, Windows 98, 800 x 600 16bit monitor

Favorite software tools: JASC Paintshop Pro, Corel KPT, Extensis Intellihance, Extensis Photoframe, ULead PhotoImpact, Alien Skin Eye Candy, Flaming Pear BladePro, Corel Painter 3D, Picture Dicer by Shoe String Project. HTML editor : Allaire HomeSite.

Inspirations: I got the chance to know Moyra of moyra.com as soon as I started planning to make a website. I used her graphics for my first site. Moyra is the first one who gave me the desire to make graphics. For me she is THE best!!!
One day Moyra told me "remember that you create for the sheer joy of creation" and that phrase became my credo. I do my linkware graphics with that credo in mind and even when I work for a client I want only to focus on the "sheer joy of creation" more than anything else. Of course... success and money can bring a lot of joy but they come after :-)
Another inpiration has been Jann from Aspirations to Sweetness. She is the one who found the name "Eye For Beauty" for me and by that fact she is the Godmother of my site :-)

Works on Wise-Women:
Illustration to accompany Passion Matters article, August 2000
Photo-collage to accompany The Wise-Women Website: Looking Forward and Back, August 2000

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