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Easy as Falling Off a Blog

by Janis Joseph

Just as websites have become a necessary tool for modern companies, blogs are now becoming an integral part of these commercial sites. Learn how to join the "blogosphere" in order to increase your site's interest, credibility and responsiveness to your its audience.

Interview: Kelly Goto

by Carolyn Wood

Kelly Goto and Web Designer Carolyn Wood discuss project planning and management, building and reinforcing client relationships, structuring web development contracts, and creating identity, content and structure that build successful brands online. The interview is followed by Carolyn Wood's review of the recently published second edition of Kelly Goto's book Web Redesign 2.0 - Workflow that Works.

Interview: Nathalie Lachance

by Carolyn Wood

Web designer Carolyn Wood talks to Nathalie Lachance about her success in developing a successful web company. Nathalie talks about the importance of networking, and about launching, growing and managing a web design and development business, and shares valuable insights that will help clients select the perfect developer for their projects.

Logo Primer

by Suzanne Stephens

Many Web designers lack a formal education in graphic design and try to "invent the wheel" when it comes to logo design. Learn from Suz Stephens' rich professional background and experience as she walks us through a Logo Primer.

Passing the Ten-second Test

by Rachel McAlpine

When you make a web page easy to grasp, in the very first 10 seconds after a visitor arrives, you can both increase its credibility and improve its search engines ranking. Rachel shares precise methods for composing effective text for Web sites.

Interview with Dana AKA Jaguarwoman

by Genevieve (Gini) Decooman

From the first time our Wise Woman Gini Decooman visited the Jaguarwoman Web site of Dana, she felt an immediate response to its unique artistic style. Read Gini's interview with Dana, and prepare to be inspired.

Learn Your Design Process

by Barbara Burns

Web designers look for clients that are a good match for their skills and styles, while clients/employers look for the same match. Organization, documentation and communication skills in web design can open doors. Barbara Burns explains how.

Hate Selling? Try Helping!

by Wendy Peck

You cannot succeed in any business without selling. Delegating or ignoring selling skills is one of the worst things you can do. How to develop your sales skills, even if you think you hate it. Wendy Peck explains.

Educating the Clueless

by Barbara Burns

How To Be Gods, Goddesses & Gurus Worshipped on the Intranet. What do do when your bosses and co-workers need some hand-holding? Barbara explains how.

Fun! Functional! Freeware!

by Gini Decooman

A list of great free stuff on the Web, especially geared towards the new web designer or student who wants to build a web site economically.

Have Women Websters Achieved Equality On the Internet?

by Bonnie Bucqueroux

Will cyberspace fulfill our dreams of creating a new work environment where not only women but men can choose to work remotely at home, rocking babies with one hand while pushing pixels with the other? There are no easy answers.

Windows ME: Features and Glitches

by Molly Ruggles

So you've made the plunge and either upgraded to Windows Millennium operating system or you've found it pre-installed on your new computer. Seasoned tech support professional Molly Ruggles says that's good and bad news.

A Field Guide to Clients

by Wanda Cummings

With clients like this, who needs enemies? 20-year design veteral Wanda Cummings shares her humorous look at client types she's encountered. With original illustrations by Pamela Newsom.

Contracts 101

by Scott Fine

Attorney Scott Fine explains the importance of having a good contract.

Becoming Your Own Boss: 10 points to ponder before you unplug

by Bonnie Bucqueroux

Starting your own business is the dream of many. Is it really right for you though? Here are 10 points to consider carefully before you take the plunge.

Upgrading your Browser: It's easier than you think!
(A guide for web users)

by Janis Joseph

When Janis Joseph, who owns her own web design business in Israel, is asked by her clients why some web sites look bad on their computers, or "Why should I bother upgrading my browser?", she tells them that it's easier than they think.

See what Janis recommends.

The Enemy Without

by Cheryl Brannan

As technologies advance, more and more home users are able to access inexpensive, faster connections through broadband: cable, ADSL and even satellite. The advantages are obvious--faster downloads, realistic streaming video and the ability to be on-line by simply turning on the computer. It is the last of these that poses the most threat to the average home computer user. Is your computer protected or an open door? How to take precautions

The Wise-Women's Web Site:
Looking Forward And Back

by Dori Smith

List Mom and Publisher Dori Smith reflects back on how the Wise-Women came to be. Read more about the history of Wise-Women

Passion Matters

by Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A.

In creating the site for a client, the magic ingredient was passion. My client's passion added fuel to my own, and I was immediately catapulted to an even higher energy level than usual designing his site. This magic ingredient was being reflected in the client's web site. More...