Link to Wise-Women!

Link Buttons

We have a number of link buttons available for your use. Just pick one that you like from the rows of buttons below, right-click or click-hold it to save to your own computer and upload to your own web server.

The code to use would be as follows - in case you didn't know:

<a href=""><img src="yourimagedirectory/xxx.gif"></a>

Substitute the correct image directory path and the name of the GIF you're using in the above code.

The Buttons

The buttons below were made by Suzi Arnold (software used: Macromedia Fireworks):

ww button by Suzi Arnold   ww button by Suzi Arnold   ww button by Suzi Arnold   ww button by Suzi Arnold

ww logo button by Suzi Arnold  ww logo button by Suzi Arnold   ww logo button by Suzi Arnold
(note: the last one has a white background: use it with border="1" or on a dark background.)

The button below was made by Gini Decooman (software used: JASC Paintshop Pro):

wwlogo button

The buttons below were made by Makiko Itoh (software used: Adobe Photoshop; for white/very light backgrounds only):

WW button in graphite   WW button in indigo   WW button in ruby   WW button in sage   WW button in snow

Wise-Women "Member" buttons New!

The buttons below are for Wise-Women list members who wish to show they belong to the list. All are by Suzi Arnold (software used: Macromedia Fireworks)

ww member button    ww member button    ww member button    ww member button    ww member button    ww member button    ww member button

Make your own link buttons, badges, banners!

The Wise-Women logo has been made into a font, suitable for use in any graphics program, DTP program, even your favorite word processor. It is slightly different from a normal font, so please read the instructions. before you use it.

Usage guidelines: you may use this font on any of your promotional or other material to indicate you're part of the Wise-Women group. It will print properly at any resolution, and display smoothly in PDF files. The original logo was created for Wise-Women by Wanda Cummings.

If you create a cool link button, banner, etc. that you'd like to share with other Wise-Women please just email it to us or send us the URL of the page it's on so we can go grab it.

Installation instructions: Windows

The font is a TrueType font.

To install: first, download the file, and unzip it using Winzip for example. Drag the unzipped wwlogott.ttf file into your Fonts folder in the Windows folder, or follow your font-management system instructions.


Installation instructions: MacOS

The font is Type 1 Postscript.

Unstuff the file wwlogo_MacPS.sit. Either drag-drop the WWlogoPS.bmap Suitcase file and WWLogoPS Postscript files onto your System Folder, which will automatically put them in your Fonts folder, or install them according to your ATM, Suitcase or other font-management system instructions.

Download wwlogo_MacPS.sit

Usage instructions:

The font has only 7 characters; a, b, c and d, and A, B and C.

Type a b c d in a row and you'll get the components of the logo lined up correctly. You can color each element individually if you want.

Type A and you'll get the whole logo.

Type B and you'll get "Wise-women" without the arrow-clickie. Typing C will give you the arrow-clickie, sized to fit the logo that's in B.

To use the arrow-click icon on a separate layer, simply type d or C on another layer and line it up on the O.

Hints: For the best results in a raster graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop or JASC Paintshop Pro, you may get better results by create your logo at a large size first, flattening the image (merging the layers), then shrinking it down to the final size. Example: to make a 88 x 31 pixel button, first make the button at 300 x 106 pixels (which is in proportion), then after you are happy with your results, merge/flatten everything and reduce the image size to 88 x 31 pixels. However, please experiment - your results may vary.

Mac users: In Microsoft Word, special Postscript fonts of this type can occasionally crash the program if used at very big sizes, e.g. over 100 pts or so. This is why this font is quite 'big' at default point sizes.

Note for PDF use: do not convert the font to outlines. Use it as a font instead. The outlines will be much smoother.