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The Wise-Women Discussion Lists

The discussion lists form the heart and soul of our community. Founded in early 1999 by Dori Smith, the lists have nearly 400 active members, with that number growing steadily. Click here for a short history of the group by Dori.

WiseWomen list

WiseWomen is our main discussion list. The purpose of this list is to support women on the web by providing a supportive atmosphere to deal with issues of web development and consulting, including:

This list is only a general guideline. Most members prefer to discuss technical issues, although we often get sidelined on meta-issues as well.

Please note that WiseWomen can be a high-volume list that averages anywhere from 20-50 and more messages per day; if you're unsure about being able to handle the quantity of email this list generates, please consider signing up for the digest version.

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Our off-topic list. Here is where where we talk about issues that are of concern to our members but off-topic for Wise-Women. Recent discussions have ranged from the pros and cons of DSL vs. cable modems, the merits of estrogen therapy, and whether redheads are disadvantaged when it comes to being taken seriously. And yes, even the U.S. elections.

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