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Wise-Women Membership Guidelines

What are the requirements for becoming a member?

We believe in having a totally open community. While most of our members are women, and are busy professionals working in web- and IT-related fields, men are always welcome — there are several active members of the other gender in our group. In addition, enthusiasts and/or people looking for information about entering this field are also welcome. You will probably find that we are one of the most novice friendly web authoring-related groups anywhere.
In short, if you like the idea of joining a warm, supportive and professional online community, you are welcome regardless of gender, professional status or experience.

The only requirement is that you respect the culture and abide by our Policies and Guidelines:

Policies and Guidelines

  1. Wise-Women is based on respect, and attacks on individuals are not tolerated.
  2. We respect the privacy of our members. Please do not forward messages or posts to non-list members without permission from the author unless the message is obviously an announcement intended to be forwarded. When in doubt, ask.
  3. The only official archives of the mailing lists are the edited archives on this web site. Please do not create a public archive of the list in any other form.
  4. Disagreement and debate are acceptable, but flames are not. Flame wars are loosely defined as that which denigrates to personal attacks and insulting language… however, because everyone has differing levels of what is polite, a lot of slack needs to be cut in this area. What is a flame to you might just be a discussion to another. In general, you should never say anything to anyone online that you wouldn't say to their face. Also, always remember that often, email can come off as being "harsher" than when something is spoken, so take the time to re-read your message and think how you might react to it before clicking that "send" button.
  5. While we're anti-flame, we're also emphatically for free speech. Part of a supportive environment is the ability for people of differing opinions to feel safe in expressing them. Please support and respect the right of free speech. This includes opinions that might offend or bother you. As long as an opinion is expressed without flaming (see above), it is valid.
  6. Please do not abuse the list by posting inappropriate "advertisements" or "announcements" about a particular event, service, or issue that does not relate to web design or are blatantly commercial in nature to other members, either by unsolicited private email or on the mailing lists. Even a good cause, if it does not relate to web design, is still spam. For our purposes, "spams" are not considered free speech. Please do not forward virus alerts! 99% are hoaxes and the alert itself is the virus.
  7. Dealing with mailing list problems. Members are encouraged to email the member involved should conflict arise, and not flame or otherwise attack someone on the list regarding their behavior. Should you feel that someone is way out of line, please contact the list mom Dori Smith.
  8. Dealing with offline or member-to-member problems. Wise-Women takes no responsibility for any problems that may arise between individual members on a business or personal level.
  9. Responsibility for content. On the mailing lists, the original author of the particular message is responsible for the content of any message. On the web site, the author is responsible for the content. Please contact the author if contact information is provided.
  10. Please have a stable email account. If your mail bounces frequently, the list server will automatically put your subscription on hold.
  11. If you have a list-related question, please check the list FAQ first.

REMEMBER: Basic netiquette rules always apply!

Do I have to become a member? What do I get out of it?

You do not have to be a member to browse our web site, but you do have to be a member to be included in our Profiles/Portfolios sections - and of course, to read and post to the mailing lists.

Interested? click here to join our group!



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