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Wise-Women is a world-wide, online community of web designers, developers and programmers.

Learning to Podcast

Learning Podcasting

by Carolyn Wood

Podcasting is the newest Web technology craze. Find out what it is and how to create a podcast, or subscribe to one, in this article by Carolyn Wood. Learn how to podcast.


Achieve Accessibility with Dreamweaver

by Virginia DeBolt

We all know that instituting website accessibility is A Good Thing. But now Dreamweaver MX makes it painless. Really! Read how in this detailed tutorial.


Easy as Falling Off a Blog

by Janis Joseph

Just as websites have become a necessary tool for modern companies, blogs are now becoming an integral part of these commercial sites. Learn how to join the "blogosphere" in order to increase your site's interest, credibility and responsiveness to your its audience.


The Early Bird Catches the CSS: Planning Structural HTML

by Virginia DeBolt

Do you struggle to make the switch to Cascading Style Sheets? Are you using some CSS but can't quite complete the transition to all CSS? Virginia DeBolt will help you start your projects by first making your HTML structurally ready for CSS.


Interview with Nathalie Lachance

by Carolyn Wood

Web designer Carolyn Wood talks to Nathalie Lachance about her success in developing a successful web company. Nathalie talks about the importance of networking, and about launching, growing and managing a web design and development business, and shares valuable insights that will help clients select the perfect developer for their projects.


Cascading Style Sheets: Using Element Display For Layouts, Links & Lists

by Miraz Jordan

Miraz Jordan introduces the concepts of block-level and inline elements and mentions padding, borders and margins along the way. You'll learn simple techniques using CSS to create accessible layouts, lists, links and navigation bars.


Using the .htaccess File

by Miraz Jordan

Web designers often ask how to handle redirects or to password protect directories; the .htaccess file can do these things and more. Miraz Jordan has contributes an excellent compilation of advice, tips, tricks and techniques focusing on .htaccess, security and redirects.

Recent Additions

Many Web designers lack a formal education in graphic design and try to "invent the wheel" when it comes to logo design. Learn from Suz Stephens' rich professional background and experience as she walks us through a Logo Primer.

With Fireworks and Dreamweaver MX 2004, make 4-state buttons in 4 fast steps. Learn how with this tutorial by Darice Dronzek.


New List Archives

Kim Lewandowski continues to mine our discussion list for gems, then cuts and polishes for clarity. Check 'em out!

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